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SYS London provide innovative marketing solution to help small businesses to maximise their potential



Whatever industries you are in, you are likely to encounter top marketing challenges.
Like most small business in the UK, you will be faced with other priorities from all aspect of operating a business and will struggle to find the time to so any marketing at all.
That’s until you realise that sales are not growing to the levels that you want or worst you are faced with declining sales. Our services will tackle the key marketing challenges and will offer practical solutions that will help you improve your efforts for better marketing results.




Our primary focus is to understand your business structure and distinctiveness. We will then build the solutions that will get your customers to come back again and bring other with them to see you.Often it is the things that you may not be doing that will have much greater impact on your business growth than those that you do.


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Consultancy services


Our services will tackle key challenges and take your business to levels you have not reached.

Sales & MarketingCustomer InsightTraining & CoachingBenefit Scheme

It's our priority to understand your business, your vision and your objectives. Our work is to develop a sales and marketing strategies that fit within your business. We develop solutions that will boost your sales and add value to your services.

Our aim is to help your business to grow and reach level of success that you have never experienced before.


As a business owner, you must really understand what your customers think to improve business performance.

We will design customer insight strategies to show you how you could improve their loyalty, your sales and profit. 


Your company branding is your most valuable asset.

A proper branding can result in higher sales. It is important that your brand identity reflects how you want your consumers to perceive the brand. Our team of designer, photographer and videographer will develop your brand recognition.


If you own a Health club, Gym or a Studio, your job as a club owner is to grow your business and serve your customers. To do that effectively, you must have a team of people trained to carry out that mission for your business.

SYS London has developed a training material robust, pragmatic and based on many years of absorbing the best practices which we’ve seen working in the Health & Fitness industry. The innovative solutions learned during our training courses have helped clubs to increase their leads, sales and referrals within a short period of time.

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Video by


Video Marketing


Video is the best storyteller. In 2013, videos are an essential tool of your marketing strategy.

SYS London will develop a video marketing strategy that will tell your story and attract more customers.



We identify three rules of video marketing for lead generation.

The first and most important factor when making video for lead generation is to make sure you include it

in your overall content marketing strategy.

Secondly, singular sporadic videos will be a waste of time and are a bad use of valuable marketing budget.

Video marketing should be part of a sustained rolling barrage of content aimed at your target buyer.

This creates momentum in your funnel.

Thirdly, make your video about the buyer, not about you! Useful educational videos that address your buyer's problems

and needs will get shared and ranked much better.


We are producing videos for all type of businesses and we will ensure that the videos reflect your brand and your identity.

We are working with teams of Self-employed Videographer and Photographer and Motion Graphic designer.

Our job is to provide your business with online professional quality videos at affordable prices.

Your videos will become a marketing tool that will generate new customers and referrals.


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Video Gallery


Our video marketing strategies have successfully helped our clients to achieve their financial goals.



SYS London is happy to offer Motion Graphics services to his clients. Motion graphics combine both visual and auditory stimuli to cater to multiple learning styles and evoke stronger emotion than static imagery alone. Motion Graphics allow you to tell a story in a more emotive and compelling manner. Typically our motion graphics production service focuses on helping businesses to communicate their unique offering as an explainer video. These videos increase trust and conversion rates of the websites that they are used on. They are flexible and can be used in a wide variety of circumstances from Logo introduction to complete story and tutorial. For more details, Simply contact us to arrange a free Video Consultation:


You can also visit our VIMEO Channel, simply click here

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We are delighted to offer your a complimentary consultation for a business review, therefore, if you are more keen to use our video service, contact us today and we will arrange a video marketing consultation.

Simply contact Fardi on: Direct: 07 968 538 767

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